Membership Information & APPLICATIONS



Membership is open to men, women, and children of ALL ages who 

are lineal descendants of a “farmer” living within the present boundaries 

of the United States between July 4, 1776 – December 31, 1900.

A "farmer" is a person engaged in varying capacities in the agricultural 

industry, including but not limited to farmer, rancher, farm hand, or person 

that owned a farm.  The fact that an ancestor has another profession or 

occupation does not prevent that ancestor from being a “farmer” where 

requirements are met. 

A census record citing the ancestor’s occupation as farmer is sufficient 

evidence of the definition of “farmer.”

Membership inquiries are welcome.  

An invitation to apply may be extended by the President National.

The National Society Descendants of American Farmers does not 

discriminate on any basis.

On behalf of the National Executive Board, we would like to sincerely 

thank you for your membership in NSDOAF.  If you have any questions,

please do not hesitate to contact us


 Regular Membership: ages 40 years+

See application for current dues/fees

Junior Membership : ages 18 to 40 years 

no difference in dues - classification only. Junior Chairman National - Christine Herron 

Children's Membership: ages birth to 18 

fee $150 at application, at the age 18 additional $150 to convert to regular life membership.  

Children's Chairman National - TBA

Memorial Membership:  Allows members to recognize their deceased parents and/or grandparents  

Fee $150 and includes a grave marker. 

Funds from Memorial Memberships go directly to scholarships for higher education in agriculture. 

 Memorial Membership Chairmen National - Barbara Stuart Stevens & Larry Stevens  


1) Download form  

2)  SAVE form to your computer in an easy to remember folder or to your desktop

3) Open the saved form from the saved location on your computer  to complete your application  

NOTE:  YOU MUST DOWNLOAD the form and save it to your computer FIRST.  Otherwise, any information you type into the application will be lost.  Please contact us for any questions.

Application INSTRUCTIONS 8.3.19 (pdf)


Application SHORT FORM 5.1 (pdf)


Application LONG FORM 5.1 (pdf)


SUPPLEMENTAL Application 5.1 (pdf)


Children's SHORT FORM Application v7.25 (pdf)


Memorial SHORT FORM Application v7.25 (pdf)


CHANGE in Membership Form v1 (docx)